Friday, December 25, 2009


"Georgia O'Keefe meet's the streets of LA"

It was the day I met Edward Cervantes painting an outdoor mural (see art in my July post) that I decided I must certainly bring the outside in.

When Edward arrived with 45 cans of graffiti-quality paint (imported from Germany and Australia) I knew I was in the presence of a pro.

The mural (about 10 feet wide and four feet high) was completed in stages.  Since spray paint dries so quickly the layers had to be put down fast but to achieve the shading and depth the mural was completed in four phases.  Each time, despite fans, open windows, face masks and cross draft, the fumes drove us from the house in less than two hours.

The finished product was an indoor masterpiece, in which, like cloud formations, everyone sees something different.  Me? I see a wolf eating a river.  My friend sees a fire breathing dragon.  But most see a beautiful orchid.  Like beauty, meaning is in the eye of the beholder,

To the artist?  It's a no longer discernible abstract of a tag name from days gone by.

To me?  A movable feast for the eye.

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