Friday, December 22, 2006


Oh why, why, why do I forget what city I live in? It's true I moved here from Chicago in 1983, so I've had some time to get adjusted, but still... One thing I miss from Chicago (besides the pizza and the gyros and the Chinese food) is a good hot dog!

That is why, when driving to work down Spring Street, I was excited to to see a new banner flying announcing the opening of "Lofty Dogs" at 7th & Spring.

But on closer inspection, "Lofty Dogs" was no hot dog stand. Instead, a place for wannabe Paris Hilton's to purchase an outfit for their pooch. I couldn't go out without a doggie outfit to match my handbag darling! We aren't even going to talk about the stores that sell lovely leopard print boots to go with the doggie coats! This from a sister blog "View from a Loft":
"you can see the opening line of Christmas canine clothing at...(with) " appointment only"

Just as the sigh of disappointment passed my lips...and before I had left the unofficially named "gentrification zone", there it was, at 5th and Spring: Weenez.

Alas a suspiciously yuppie name apparently betrays not so good hotdogs. Weenez only ranked a 2 star on Yelp.Of course, in the name of research I'll have to try one myself. Not sure if I'll try the Chicago dog or the LA version (which hopefully doesn't come from Lofty Dogs down the street!).

Catch a mini-review in the post "Downtown Dogs".

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